Note to the Inner Blogger in me

Dear Inner Blogger,
You’ve always wanted to start a blog and you have. So kudos for at least starting one again for the umpteenth time. I encourage the voice that speaks to me in those moments when I daydream or even when I’m in the middle of doing an undesirable task to let loose. I promise it’ll be OK. I believe we all spend so much time worrying about what other people might think. The truth of the matter is that “other people” aren’t really thinking about us anyway. They’re too busy thinking of how they want to perceived by “other people”.

Will I have time to blog? Yes…. you will have time to blog because remember this is something you want to do. Think of all the fun you’ll have becoming a curator of the world of me.

Will I have an audience? Well I’m not sure of that but I know you’ll have at least one reader. Let’s just get started and commit to a blogging schedule.

We’re a team and I’m on board 1000%. There’s so much we’re going to learn and I’m excited! Let’s go!